Summer Solstice Ritual for Helios & Apollon

sunlight with white clouds

This year, I recorded a little ritual in collaboration with a couple other folks on Reddit. Several gods assisted with this too, because that’s what they do. I wanted to honor Helios, the Greek sun god. But Apollon kind of sneaked in too, because he’s sometimes associated with the sun. I think of him as … Read more

The Bloodthirst of Dionysos

woman with red lipstick and blonde hair

I’m uncomfortable writing about this topic. There’s no way to make it palatable or acceptable. But the truth is our gods aren’t all sweetness and light. Nor are they always humane. And sometimes when deities offer a glimpse of their nature, it’s so we can offer that insight to others. Even when it’s not nice … Read more

Patron Deities: Choice & Consent

colorful busts placed in store

Occasionally, I encounter someone upset by their lack of a patron deity. I listen to complaints that the gods don’t want them. And questions about what it’s like to be close to a god. After a hug and reassurances, I tell them some version of what follows. Hey, stop worrying about it and relax. Do … Read more

Love is a Verb

frozen wave against sunlight

Sometime I wonder what business a reformed cynic has writing about love. Especially on the day devoted to hearts and flowers. Oh well. If love is a verb, we can just cut to the action, right? Which for me currently entails reassessing my life, including my devotional relationships. So I’ve been asking myself tough questions … Read more

Gift from a Trickster

resting hermes

What do you do when a deity’s gift challenges your morals? Refuse their gift? Complain and accept it grudgingly? Say nothing at all? It’s a difficult position, especially if you don’t want to offend them. I ended up there last summer when Hermes dropped a gift card in my purse. Yeah, you read that right. … Read more

Loving the Gods: Fans or Devotees?

group of people in a concert

Over the centuries, the many gods have starred in myths, movies, poems, songs, books, and TV shows. Some of these were created from devotion, while others merely featured the gods as characters. I get it. The gods are cool. We tend to idolize powerful people and the gods, with their superhero-like powers, are truly extraordinary. … Read more

Anatomy of a God: an Intro to Pan


No, I won’t discuss Pan’s actual anatomy. That would be pointless because, as a spirit, Pan can appear any way He likes. What I will tell you is who He is, or who I’ve seen Him to be anyhow. Your mileage may vary, since deities can be all sorts of different things with their humans. … Read more